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Where can I get assistance with my SunWatch meter questions?

First check this list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don't see what you are looking for, email us at support@sunbugsolar.com.

What are the benefits of monitoring?

Monitoring systems let you know if your solar system is producing electricity. Checking your monitoring system periodically is a good way to make sure there are no problems with the system. In short, it ensures that your solar system is working. Furthermore, it is exciting to track the production of your solar system. You can watch your production soar on sunny days!

What are the benefits of SunWatch?

The SunWatch monitoring system is one of the few system that allows you to track home energy consumption. Most solar monitoring systems only track the production from your solar array. Furthermore, SunWatch meters can also monitor Solar Thermal systems. This is a feature that most competitors do not offer.

What do I need in my house for the SunWatch meter to work?

The SunWatch monitoring system requires a good internet connection so it can record and save the data to your dashboard. It also requires a wired connection from the solar equipment to your router.

How often does the physical SunWatch meter report to my dashboard?

The SunWatch meter sends its data to the dashboard every 5 minutes. However, if there is no Internet connection the SunWatch meter cannot send the data until it reconnects.

What happens when I lose my Internet connection or power?

The SunWatch meter will save all production information while it is offline. When the Internet reconnects the SunWatch meter will upload the information. However, the SunWatch meter cannot record data without power. All production that occurs while the SunWatch meter is without power is not recorded. Finally, if the SunWatch meter has been recording data offline and then loses power, the data that it had been recording offline is lost.

Can I share my SunWatch meter dashboard with friends?

Yes, simply send them the URL and they too can follow your SunWatch meter monitoring system.

How do I privatize my data?

If you go to the preferences menu at the top of the dashboard you can make it so your name and address do not show. This keeps your information private from other viewers.

Can the SunWatch meter monitor other things in my home?

No, the SunWatch meter has a limited number of inputs. These inputs are used to monitor the electrical production and consumption. Additional input ports are not available at this time.

Can the SunWatch meter monitor solar thermal systems?

Yes, it is one of the few monitoring systems that can monitor solar thermal.   

Why does my SunWatch meter production differ from other monitors?

Small variances will exist due to measuring tolerances in the devices that read the magnetic fields and energy consumed by the inverter. For example, there is some nighttime tare loss for the Enphase microinverters.  According the data sheet this is 0.46mW per night. We see a similar pattern with the SunWatch monitor. Furthermore, if there is a loss of Internet or power the SunWatch meter may not be up to date. The glass dome production meter is the most accurate source for production data.

Does my SunWatch meter automatically report SRECs?

No, however it is possible to determine how many SRECs you have earned by dividing the total kW produced by one SREC (1000kW). Number of SRECs= kWproduced/1000.  It is important to make sure your SunWatch meter is trued up to the glass dome production meter. This ensures that the total kW produced is accurate.

How can I true up my SunWatch meter?

When you log into SunWatch you have the option to make adjustments to the SunWatch meter. One of the options allows you to true up the SunWatch meter so its production matches the glass dome production meter. The glass dome production meter is near the inverter labeled “SOLAR SYSTEM PRODUCTION METER."

Can I use my SunWatch meter to report SRECs manually?

Yes, bu it is important to make sure your SunWatch meter is periodiucally trued up to the glass dome production meter. This ensures that the total kW produced is accurate.  We reccomend checking your SunWatch reading to your revenue-grade manual production meter reading semi-annually.

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