The SunWatch Meter

The SunWatch Meter by SunBug Solar is a window onto your energy use, showing both your solar system's production and your overall consumption. It allows you to learn and save, and offers peace of mind for your solar investment.


Studies show that knowledge of your power consumption in real time, throughout the day, makes it easier to reduce use. The norm for consumer savings with any direct feedback monitoring tool ranges from 5-15%. Consumers who have installed their own renewable energy system (such as solar) and can easily access their electricity profile have reduced household electricity consumption by as much as 20%.


Reduced consumption leads directly to increased savings. While an overall daily energy reduction of 5 or 10% might not seem like much, over the course of a year that savings can represent hundreds of dollars.

Peace of Mind

For SunBug Solar customers, the SunWatch Meter behaves like a security system. Should your array stop producing power the meter can automatically notify both you and us that there is a problem. Additionally, the SunWatch Meter acts as dividend statement for your solar system. It shows you the return on investment from your solar system on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

How it Works

A meter mounted with your solar system measures your renewable energy production. With a solar thermal system, it tracks system temperature. With a solar electric system, it records electricity production and consumption. The meter supplies a stream of data to an online database through your internet connection.

On your own personalized, secure SunWatch Web page, you can watch your energy profile in real time as well as through weekly, monthly or annual views.